A perfect 45-minute blend of cardio, functional and progressive strength training in the most fun and motivating setting possible. As the lights and music begin to pulse with a quality and clarity that rival most nightclubs the action starts as your high energy charismatic coach takes you through an immersive and motivating workout experience! With each workout focused on specific muscle groups, combined with our Fitmetrix Heart Rate Monitor system you are sure to get a next level workout every time you step into the Move Fit Room.


Unleash your full potential by learning how to eat productively for your lifestyle and goals with our flexible nutrition programming. Our coaches, with over 30 years of combined experience as leaders in the fitness industry, will teach you the systems that will end the "what to eat" guessing game and the frustration that comes with it and guide you on the path to meet your goals. Participating in the Live Fit program means you will learn how to eat right, not less, and finally take control of your fitness program.

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